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Anderson Cooper
Spencer Pratt

Anderson Cooper and Speidi are feuding. Anderosn Cooper, who isn't shy about commenting on trashy pop culture, recently took a swipe at Heidi Montag's Miss Universe performance. Heidi performed (pretty pathetically) a song from her new album to mixed reviews last week.

Anderson Cooper said on his CNN news show (via that Heidiís performance was a "fresh way to embarrass herself." Rather hilariously, after she thanked God he remarked: "If God had the time to work on this production, if this is the best God can do, then weíre all in trouble."

Spencer Pratt, who rather valiantly steps it up for his lady responded:

"Between health care, the CIA interrogation techniques and the economy, I think itís funny how the Silver Coyote spent four minutes discussing someone who he claims to not know exists," he tells Us, adding that Cooper is "trying to get a piece of Speidiís fame."