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Adrianne Curry
Megan Hauserman

Based on their recent Twitter exchanges, it looks like neither Adrianne Curry nor Megan Hauserman is capable of showing restraint.

Yesterday, Curry - a washed up model, who has starred on VH1 reality shows The Surreal Life and My Fair Brady - questioned why the network would give Hauserman her own series. She Tweeted: "good god, why is VH1 giving certain people shows? Megan Wants a Millionaire? I wasn't aware Megan mattered, or that anyone would want her".

Megan Wants a Millionaire is a dating series based around Hauserman's quest to find a rich soulmate.

In response, Hauserman Tweeted: "@AdrianneCurry I was aware Adrianne Curry is dirty, trashy, ugly whore. I had no idea how bitter she is about her pathetic career being over".

It's go time bitches.